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DALL-E Prompt: "salamander exploring the Riemann zeta function, psychedelic"

ICME student studying problems in ecology and evolution

Where I detail my PhD journey, failures, successes, ideas, whims, and all else that comes to mind.

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5 years is a long time to spend thinking.

And thinking in a silo feels, well, limiting. That's why I plan to document my journey, week by week, idea by idea, to both flesh out my own thoughts and maybe inspire someone else too. I believe not all research need be serious, nor with the exclusive goal of publishing in a journal—exploring ideas more organically and casually, even while the hard work is ongoing, is highly stimulating. Furthermore, I think science frequently struggles to communicate its results to a broader audience. The communication of mathematics and science to both educate people and positively inform policy is a strong goal of mine.

On this site I plan to write about many things, some serious and academic, others more personal interests. For a math person, I have an overfondness for fish and salamanders, which may make an occasional appearance. The world is filled with beautiful ideas to discover. It's a dangerous business going out your door, but I can't wait to see where I end up. 

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